Canary Wharf Riverside | Regatul Unit

Project summary

Service provided:  Monitorizarea infrastructurii sensibile în timpul dezvoltării adiacente
Location:  Londra, Regatul Unit
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Period of the service:  2011
Duration of service:  63 luni
Sixense solutions used: 


New central business district of London

The Riverside South site is part of the continuing development of Canary Wharf and will be the UK headquarters of Morgan Stanley. The structure will consist of two towers built on either side of the Jubilee Line running tunnels with a third, lower structure built over the tunnels and intervention shaft.


It is envisaged that the lower levels will form open trading floors running through all three structures.


The monitored section of the Jubilee Line comprises 2 curved running tunnels, 220m in length interconnected with adits an intervention shaft, 30m deep.



Live tunnels

Sixense installed CYCLOPS Automated Total Stations to provide continual monitoring and assurance that the live tunnels are responding within acceptable limits before, during, and after the construction period.


To provide redundancy to the remote system, manual monitoring has also been undertaken.


The shaft monitoring equipment includes automatic long range wire crackmeters running the full height of the shaft, electro-level beams installed within each adit, and vibrating wire crackmeters installed across construction joints within the intervention shaft and adits.


All of the information acquired is imported into Sixense’s Geoscope monitoring software, permitting real-time access to the monitoring data by the client, their consultant (Arup) and also Sixense’s monitoring engineers to allow remote maintenance of the monitoring system.

Project Key figures

2 Fisurometre VW cu rază lungă de acțiune
2 Electrolevel Beams
260 Prisme optice
26 Fisurometre VW